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b'Lynne DeGiacomo began her career as an attorney inThe Fir 250a Boston law firm but left the practice of law to pursueTher love of history. In 2004, she became the Cohasset Historical Societys first executive director, a positionThe Fir Cohassets Earliest Houses & Placesshe has held for the last sixteen years. In 1998, Lynne fulfilled her dream of owning and restoring an antique house when she and her husband, Mark, and two sons moved to one of the 250 homes profiled in this book.T o celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding While at times they bemoan the need for continuousof Cohasset, the Cohasset Historical Society upkeep and the drafty doors and windows, they loveT and the Cohasset 250th Anniversary Committee both the homes unique features and sense of historydecided to expand the 1970 Bicentennial Heritagethat surrounds them.250 Trails 94 houses to include the 250 earliest houses and structures in town and produce a book that would illustrate all of them along with the stories that make Paula Morse, former co-president of the Cohassetthem unique. That this was done in just one year is a Historical Society, has worked at the Isabella StewartCohassets Earliest Houses & Places testament not only to our technological age but also to Gardner as archivist and editor of publications; thethe fortitude of the co-authors and the designer who Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the Departmentstayed focused despite the 2020 pandemic. of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture, whereWhile Cohasset is well known for its scenic beauty she was a co-author of the catalogue on Americanwith its rocky shoreline and secluded coves, the sculpture; and as an antique dealer with a shop innumber of pre-Civil War houses still standing in town Concord. She has been chair of the Massachusettsmay come as something of a surprise. Considerable State House Art Commission since 2004, the yearresearch into registered deeds and family records that she and Lynne co-authored (along with Davidnow supports a time span of 1695 to 1870 for The Wadsworth) Images of America. Cohasset. First 250, twenty-one of which are or began as houses of worship, schoolhouses, government buildings or places of business. In addition, the authors Keith Conforti has been photographing locationsT he Fir 250 have highlighted how well these old homes have and landscapes throughout the country for over twobeen adapted to meet the needs of each succeeding decades. Generally, his camera is focused on vacantgeneration.and disused spaces and places that have taken onT The First 250 is illustrated with more than 350 historic new life through decay and abandonment. For thisand contemporary photographs. Taken in all seasons, assignment, he turned his lens toward the morethey reveal a beautiful, small New England town conventional beauty of Cohassets historic homes.whose residents take pride in their picturesque town An award-winning photographer, Keith is a Southcommon, the special nature of their neighborhoods Shore Art Center gallery artist and also a member of the North River Arts Society, Griffin Museum ofCohassets Earliest Houses & Places and the joys of living by the sea. Divided in to nine Photography and Photographic Resource Center ofdistrictseach with its own chaptermany ofthe Boston. Keith lives and works in Cohasset. houses are located along ancient pathways that go Lynne DeGiacomo and Paula MorsePhotographs by Keith Conforti back to early Native American trails.'